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Homemade whole wheat flour cake.

Homemade whole wheat flour cake.

Cook Duration 45:00
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 1052kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listwhole-wheat flour 1 cup teaspoon baking powder,1/2 TSP baking soda. salt on pinch. dry ingredients need to be sieved. 1/2 katori powdered sugar. wet ingredients: 1 table spoon oil. 2 table spoon curds cow milk. vanilla essence 7 drops. 1 katori cow milk. dry fruits powder of almonds and walnuts. chocochip for garnishing on top. aluminum tin is to be greased with ghee. add a butter paper to the tin apply ghee on it. sprinkle some flour on the tin,then add the cake batter and bake at low flame on a heated pan for 45 minutes.



All dry ingredients need to be sieved 2 times,then leave it at side except sugar powder. Take all wet ingredients and mix well and add sugar powder to this and beat it with beater till it become smooth paste. Then add all of the dry ingredients to wet and add milk to make a thick batter...... Bake the cake in a pan with dry heat for 45 minutes on gas stove. cover the lid of the cake tin. place salt on the pan and a stand on it. on this stand put the cake tin. Yummy eggless cake ready.
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