Homemade Flavored Paneer

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Homemade Flavored Paneer
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How to make Homemade Flavored Paneer


Method:- - Heat milk to just before it starts to boil. Lower the stove heat. Add the flavours of your choice and salt, stir to combine. - Add the lemon juice, Stir well. The greenish pale whey water will separate from the milk solids, this might take about a few minutes over heat. Once the whey is completely separated turn off the heat. Place a colander or sieve over a bowl and pour the milk mixture into it to separate the milk solids. - Let the paneer sit in the colander till all the water drains away. Empty the contents of the colander on a plate, place another plate on it and press it down with a heavy object. In a while, the paneer will set a block and then be cut into cubes or triangle. - Eat it as it is or use in gravies.

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