Healthy Baked Paneer Samosa

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Healthy Baked Paneer Samosa
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  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Healthy Baked Paneer Samosa


Mash all paneer with hands into grainy texture (boil first in case you use frozen paneer instead of fresh)


Take a pan and add 2 gms ghee. Add Cumin seeds and let them splitter. Add chopped chilli and then add all spices. Heat for a minute in low flame.


Add mashed paneer in the pan and mix thoroughly. Add salt as per taste and mix again. Keep the mixture aside and let it cool - this is the filling material


Mix aata with Ajwain and rest of ghee. Add some salt and make a tight dough with little water (dough like poori). Put it aside for 15 mins


Take small balls of dough and roll then to size larger than poori but smaller than a paratha. Cut the paratha from between into 2 parts


Take one half and roll it into a conical shape (use water to seal the cone along the surface). Fill paneer filling into the cone till full and then close the opening to form samosa shape. Use water again to seal the aata samosa. Use fork presses to further secure the sealing


Like this one but one make samosas of all dough and paneer filling. In the mentioned macros you will get 4-6 samosas depending on the size of samosa you prefer


Pre heat the over at 180C. Keep samosas inside for 20 mins. Turn the samosas mid way to bake both sides. Enjoy hot with Coriander chutney or tomato sauce