Haraa channa with besan+oats Cheela/puda

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Haraa channa with besan+oats Cheela/puda
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  • Cook Time : 00:10
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Haraa channa with besan+oats Cheela/puda


Take pan add 5gm ghee, add hing, jeera, turmeric and then add Green channa ( 50g) , add salt according to taste and saute it well. Now you can cover the lid and leave for 5-6 mins and the steam will soften the channa.


Mean while you can grind oats 50g and then add 30g besan to it, add salt and spices according to your taste and make a paste out of it.


Spread the paste on the heated pan/tawa. I used my air fry pan so I didn't used any oil/ghee to bake the chilla hence it was baked with steam.


Meanwhile keep checking your channas and close the burner so that steam soaks in well and Voila you're ready to eat your meal. Also the coriander chutney just enhances the flavour.