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Granola bars with whey protein

Granola bars with whey protein

Cook Duration 40:00
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 243kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients list50gms Oats 5gms Almonds 5gms Cashew nuts 5gm Dry berries 20gm Dates 10gm Oil 5gm Honey 20gm Whey



Serving size 60gms per bar.... *Dry roast Oats,Nuts and seeds. *mix everything thoroughly with hands. *Initially it will be crumbly mixture however keep mixing , heat from hands will help it to bind. (This is required becuase we are not adding enough jaggery,Honey and oil.) *Give desired shape before you bake. *I have baked at 140-150 degree for 25 minutes with heat on from both rodes. *Make changes to suit your diet requirement.


Can replace Honey with jaggery syrup or any other syrup. *Honey ,Dates and oil works as a binding agent. *Incase you can not accomade honey and dates then take 1tbsp flaxseeds, add stevia and water, let it sit forgive minutes and use this paste a binding agent. *can reduce the quantity of oil, in that case increase the quantity of water. However the self life of the bar will reduce because of the excess water. *taste will slightly change when you eliminate Dates, Honey or oil *Can increase the quantity of whey accordingly reduce the quantity of oats. *Can add sweetener as per taste. Enjoy, stay happy and healthy.
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