French toast

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French toast
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  • Food Type : Eggetarian
  • Cook Time : 15:00
  • Cuisine : Other
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How to make French toast


In a flat vessel beat together the eggs, milk, 10gms honey, whey protein pwd, cinnamon and vanilla essence with a fork.


Heat lil butter in a non stick pan.


Dip a slice of bread both sides in the egg mixture and carefully place it in the pan.


Cook for 2 to 3 minutes on medium flame. Flip n cook the other side for another 2 mins.


Repeat for the remaining 2 bread slices.


Stack them on a plate, place banana slices on top n drizzle with the remaining 10gms of honey.


Tips: The whey protein, banana and honey add sweetness to this dish. This dish is supposed to be sweet, so if u have a sweet tooth u may add more sugar or honey if it fits ur macros. Other sweeteners like stevia can also be used to replace honey. vanilla essence kills the eggy smell. You could add cocoa pwd too to give it a chocolaty flavour. but u might need to increase the sweetness then. Or if ur macros allow... sprinkle a few chocolate chips. Banana can be replaced with strawberry or other berries.