Falafel Sandwich in whole-wheat Pita

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 Falafel Sandwich in whole-wheat Pita
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How to make Falafel Sandwich in whole-wheat Pita


First we'll do the "Dough" Combine together- whole wheat flour+ salt + nutritional yeast, 2 ml oil and 1 tbs curd. Make a soft dough and keep it to bloom for an hour.


Falafel: Boil and squeeze out Soyabean nuggets In a grinder add Soyabean + spinach leaves+ garlic + salt + paprika + ginger : grind all of it together and make patties. Shallow fry in about 10 ml oil.


Spread/ Dip: Curd + Chiili flakes + salt + lemon + 1 minced garlic +1 tb spoon chili sauce... mix well. Cut and chop salad of choice.


Take the dough (which now has been bloomed to double the size) make a thick tortillas and cook. Either bake @180° for 10-12 minutes or On tawa cook on low flame like traditional roti (Do not overcook)


Sandwich assembly: cut the pita in half and open the pocket spred the dressing and stuff it with choice of salad and falafels. serve warm.