#EggBiryani #FriedEggs #AaluTikki #MintChatni

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  • Cook Time : 00:10
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How to make #EggBiryani #FriedEggs #AaluTikki #MintChatni


1. Egg Biryani....... Pour 8 grams of ghee into the pan. Add some cumin seeds & green chillies. Add slices of onions & toss until brown. Now add cubes of capsicum & tomato & toss for a while. Now add 1 tablespoon of black salt & a pinch of turmeric powder. Now chop 6 boiled egg whites & 90 grams of cooked rice (raw 30 grams) & toss for a minute & here is your serving ready. 2. Aaloo Tikki: Take 50 grams of boiled potatoes (peel off) & add some chopped onions, chillies & coriander into it. Add black salt & cumin powder (as per taste), now mix it well & shape it as oval. Pour ghee (5 grams) & place the oval shaped tikki on your pan. Turn until you see a brownish crunchy layer on the top & here is your dish ready. 3. Fried Eggs: Pour ghee (2 grams) in the pan, cut boil eggs into halves & place on it. Turn the sides until you see a crunchy layer. Sprinkle some black salt & black pepper on it & here is your tawa egg ready. 4. Coriander Tomato Mint Chutney: Put 2 green chillies, some coriander leaves & mint leaves in grinder. Add a pinch of black salt & grind well & the chutney is ready.