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Egg roll/wrap/frankie

Egg roll/wrap/frankie

Cook Duration 00:30
Food TypeEggetarian
Recipe Calories 179kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients list1 cup broccoli
  • Recipe Ingredients listhalf cup overnight soaked mung chilka dal/ split green gram
  • Recipe Ingredients listhalf bellpepper
  • Recipe Ingredients listhalf sliced onion
  • Recipe Ingredients listfew peanuts/pumpkin seeds/pomegranate seeds
  • Recipe Ingredients list2 eggs
  • Recipe Ingredients listsalt and pepper
  • Recipe Ingredients listSchezwan and tahini sauce (homemade)
  • Recipe Ingredients list2-3 tbsp semolina
  • Recipe Ingredients list1tsp olive oil butter



Soak the dal overnight. Drain the water, add the dal, half cup broccoli and blend into paste. In a large bowl transfer the batter, add 2 tbsp of semolina (till will make the wrap crispy) or you may use rice flour. Add water to make the consistency not too thick or runny. Add some salt and pepper to the batter. On a non-stick pan pour the batter and spread it round. It should be thin like chilla. Cook both sides on low flame. In a pan, add some olive oil sautee onion, bellpepper, broccoli for about 2-3 mins. Do not overcook. Flip the lentil chapatti and cook the other side. Once it is cooked, beat 1 whole egg and 1 eggwhite. Pour on the pan to make omelette. Cook on one side and place the chapatti on top, flip it and cook the other side. Once the egg is properly cooked, spread some schezwan and tahini sauce in the centre of the wrap (sauces are homemade). Add all your veggies, peanuts, jalapeno, pomegranate, some lime juice, cilantro leaves. Roll it and serve!


You may add tofu, chicken, chickpea falafel or any veggies as fillings.
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