Egg Paratha

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Egg Paratha
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  • Food Type : Eggetarian
  • Cook Time : 00:15
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Egg Paratha


Prepare the egg mixture by beating the egg with salt, onions, green chilli.


Make the dough using wheat flour, salt & water as needed to make a soft pliable dough. Set it aside for 20 mins.


The most important part is rolling the paratha. Roll the dough into balls. Flatten the ball & cover both sides with flour. Roll into a palm-size circular disc. Smear it with ghee or oil. Fold it into a half, apply oil and then fold it again to make into a triangle.Roll it again to make a triangularly shaped paratha.


Cook both side of paratha for 2 minutes. Make a small slit along the folds of the paratha & pour 1/4 of egg mixture into it. Evenly distribute the mixture inside the paratha.


Press the slit end with a spatula to seal the edges. Let it cook for a minute or two before flipping it on their side to continue the cooking process.


Cook both sides properly until the egg inside it is cooked & golden spots are visible in paratha.