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Cook Duration 00:20
Food TypeEggetarian
Recipe Calories 305kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listEggs - 4
  • Recipe Ingredients listOlive oil - 4g
  • Recipe Ingredients listBasil - 4-5 leaves (fresh or dried)
  • Recipe Ingredients listOnion powder - couple of pinches
  • Recipe Ingredients listGarlic powder - a pinch
  • Recipe Ingredients listSalt - as per taste
  • Recipe Ingredients listBlack Pepper - crushed
  • Recipe Ingredients listTomato - 30g (about 1/2 tomato)
  • Recipe Ingredients listCapsicum - 60g or more (I use Red or green whichever is available or I feel like)



Add Olive oil to a thick base non stick pan. Add a pinch of garlic powder when its a little warmed up.


Add tomatoes couple of pinches of onion powder, 4-5 Basil leaves (fresh or dried), a pinch of salt and saute lightly for 30-45 sec and add capsicum and saute for another 2-3 mins or until thr capsicum is as soft as you like it. I don't saute it much since i like it crunchier. P.S. Do not use a lot of onion or garlic powder. It will end up increasing carbs plus also the flavors of basil will also die down.


Beat eggs with a little bit of water (this will help make the Eggs fluffy). Add salt and pepper.


Add the Eggs to the pan, mix lightly with the veggies in the pan. Do not overmix. All the time, keep the pan on medium to low heat, preferably low. Do not use high heat otherwise the Eggs will cook too fast and you will end up with scrambled eggs.


After the veggies are mixed with the Eggs leave the pan covered for about 3-4 mins on low heat.


You can add any pizza or italian seasoning if you like before covering the pan.


Check if the Eggs are done after 3-4 mins. If not you can cover again and heat for another couple of minutes.


Once the crust is brown and leaves the sides of the pan, try to swirl the omlette in the pan, it should come off the base easily. Do not use spatula to check the base. You can break it if its soft.


Once happy with how cooked you want the eggs to be, take it off the gas and serve.


Tips: Please do not use thin bottom vessel as the Eggs won't cook properly or overtook from bottom but stay uncooked from middle or top. If I want a cheesier version, I Swap out one egg for a cheese slice or cheese cube. This is as per my macros. You can adjust it as per the macros or use fresh onion or garlic if your macros allow. For me I want the quickest and least smelly way for my hands to fix up my breakfast.
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