Egg bhurji

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Egg bhurji
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  • Food Type : Eggetarian
  • Cook Time : 30:00
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Egg bhurji


Heat up a pan and add 4 ml oil. I used mustard oil as it increases the flavour with its rustic taste. U can use any oil.


Once the oil is heated up, add one teaspoon jeera and 2 green chillies. Let them splutter for few seconds till u get the aroma of roasted cumin.


Add ur onions and chopped spring onions .give it a mix and cover it with a lid.keep the heat in medium to high flame


After 3-4 minutes , add ginger garlic paste and give it a mix. Reduce the flame at this pint.


Add quarters teaspoon of turmeric and 1 teaspoon of red chilli powder. Give it a mix . Then add little amount of water so that the spice mix doesn’t get burn.


After cooking it for 5 -6 minutes, add one chopped tomato and add 1 pinch of black salt and 1 teaspoon of black salt and 1 teaspoon of bhaja masala(fried masala recipe given on description). Give it a mix and cook for 2 mins. Then add water and cover it up and keep the flame in medium high.


Once the tomato is fully cooked after 5-7 minutes, move the spice mix to a side of the pan .


Break the eggs in that side of the pan which u have just cleared out of the spice mix. Let it cook for 1 min.


Then mix the eggs gradually with the spice mix. Once it’s done, cover it up. Let it cook.


After 5 minutes, remove the lid and check. If u don’t get the raw smell of eggs, add one quarter spoon of bhaja masala on top with some chopped green part of spring onions and cover it up. Cook for 1 min.


Egg bhurji is ready to get served.