Dry Fruit Laddoo

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Dry Fruit Laddoo
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  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 01:30
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Dry Fruit Laddoo


Take 60 gms hee and put it in a kadhai and get it to medium heat.


Roast the gondh first in the heated ghee. Do not use high flame as Gondh does not puff properly in high flame. Take out from kadhai and to check gondh, press one puff with hands and it should become powder (if not puffed properly then the centre will remain hard). Crush all gondh using a belan.


In remaining ghee roast aata till it gets golden brown and gives a roasted smell. Be careful at this step with flame as roasted aata can quickly burn also.


Take 15 gms ghee in a separate small pan and Saute Dry ginger power and Cardamom powder for 2-3 mins. Add shredded coconut and roast for 5 mins.


Grind cashew nuts and almonds in a mixer


Take 15 gms ghee in a kadhai and put all raw jaggery in it. Keep moving till it melts completely and becomes a paste.


Close the gas and immediately add to the Jaggery paste all the other things - roasted aata, crushed gondh, cashew and almond powder, coconut & spices mixture


Mix everything very well and without letting the mixture cool down make the laddoos. The given ingredients will make 20 medium sized laddoos.