Diet Pizza

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Diet Pizza
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  • Food Type : Nonveg
  • Cook Time : 1
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Diet Pizza


For the Base • 200 gms of minced chicken • Herbs and masalas of choice • 1 Tablespoon of Isabgol • Salt (as per taste) • Mix all of the ingredients together and make a circular base, smaller than the size of your non stick pan. • Cover and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.


For the crust •In a separate bowl, beat 3-4 whole eggs and set aside.


Take a non stick pan and spray some oil on it. Put the base and let it cook from both the sides.


Once cooked, keeping the base in the centre of the pan, pour the beaten eggs on the remaining edges and cover the pan till the eggs cook (without turning the pizza)


Once done, let's top it up with the replacement of our favorite pizza toppings.


For the Pizza Sauce: •Take one small tomato, some dried red chillis, herbs and onion. Grind them in a mixer, saute them in a pan with some oil and keep aside.


For the toppings: •Finely chop some onions, capsicum and let them soak in vinegar for some time.(Best when kept overnight). •Dry roast mushrooms and grinded cauliflower (for the crispiness). •You can also grind blanched spinach and use as sauce.


For the Cheese/ Mayo: •Boil two eggs. Remove the egg yolks and grind the eggs whites with some vinegar, water, sugarfree, black pepper, garlic(optional). 9. Shift your pizza onto a plate and cover it with the sauces, vegetable toppings and finally the mayo! Sprinkle with some Pizza Seasoning or Oregano. Also, for the extra kick, you can put roasted paneer as toppings! Enjoy !


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