Crumby Soya Cutlets

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Crumby Soya Cutlets
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  • Food Type : Eggetarian
  • Cook Time : 00:25
  • Cuisine : Other
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How to make Crumby Soya Cutlets


Soak the soya chunks in water for 5 minutes and then boil it for 5 minutes and drain the water out of it. Afterwards remove excess water by squeezing it once it cools down.


Grind the bread in mixture to get bread crumbs and roast it in a pan until it's light brown and keep it aside.


Now, in a mixer, add soya chunks, green chilly, onion, and all dry spices (you can add of your choice) and make paste out of it.


Add the chopped spring onion and make round balls and pin it down to form patties.


In a bowl, beat the egg until it's fluffy and then, dip the patty inside the egg mixture. Take it out and coat it with bread crumbs. Remove the excess crumbs by patting it slowly.


In a pan, add butter and let it roast until it's golden brown on both the sides.! Enjoy with greek yogurt or mint sauce or any other dip of your choice!