Creamy white sauce pasta

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Creamy white sauce pasta
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  • Food Type : Nonveg
  • Cook Time : 00:20
  • Cuisine : Mexican
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How to make Creamy white sauce pasta


1. The above ingredients are for one person


2. Heat butter in a Kadai and add chopped garlic. Flame is low. Let the butter smell of garlic while it soaks well in the butter.


3. Now add the 1 tbsp of maida and constantly stir it in low flame till you get the smell of cooked flour and it turns brownish.


4. Now still keeping the flame low add chilled milk and keep on stirring with another hand till the time the sauce thickens. This might take approx 20 mins of stirring.


5. Add pepper, salt, nutmeg powder to the sauce while it thickens well in lowest flame


6. In another container boil water and add the pasta with salt ( just to raise the boiling point). I also added the minced chicken here. Let it cook. You might add a spoon of olive oil here.


7. Once it is moderately cooked (not too soft), you might saute it in the remaining butter along with onion, broccoli and other veggies and add to the thick white sauce.


8. This turns out best if made with love and to add to that you might add grated cheese... Love and cheesecake. Serve hot.