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Chicken steak with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes 😍

Chicken steak with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes 😍

Cook Duration 20:00
Food TypeNon-Veg
Recipe Calories 387kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients list150gms chicken fillets
  • Recipe Ingredients list50gm potatoes
  • Recipe Ingredients list30gms mushroom
  • Recipe Ingredients list1 cheese slice
  • Recipe Ingredients list12gms butter
  • Recipe Ingredients listsalt n pepper to taste



Peel n cut the potato into medium size pieces. Boil in salt water till they r nice and soft. Discard the water. Mash the strained potatoes with a fork. Add 6 grams of butter while the mashed potatoes r still hot. Mash some more till they r nice n smooth.


Rub salt n pepper on both sides of the chicken fillets. Take the remaining 6gms of butter in a non stick pan n cook the chicken fillets on high heat, till they r nice n golden brown. Remove n keep aside. (A little under cooked is also fine, as they will cook again with the mushroom sauce. )


In the same pan containing the remaining butter n chicken juices, add the mushrooms, season with salt and pepper and celery. Cover and cook till tender. Add 1/4 cup of water and a cheese slice, cover and cook till the cheese melts. Mix well and add the chicken fillets to the sauce. Cover n cook for about 2 minutes or till the sauce thickens.


Serve hot n njoy this delicious gourmet chicken.
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