Chicken seekh kebabs

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Chicken seekh kebabs
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How to make Chicken seekh kebabs


Wash and squeeze out all the water from the chicken mince


Add all the above mentioned ingredient's except butter. If using the substitues ensure you squeeze out all the water from them too.


Now keep the mince in the refridgerator for alteast 1 to 2 hrs.Ensure you cover the vessel it is in.


Now make around 5 portions of the mince .Take one portion ,make an alongated cutlet and pass a wooden skewer through it .Now press it firmly to give it shape. Finish the remaining pieces in the similar way.


In a baking dish line the butter paper and greese with 1 ml butter .Place the skewers on it and brush the top with 1 ml butter and bake it @200 degrees for 10 mins .Then flip the skewers ,brush the remainkng butter and again bake for 10mins ,so it cooks evenly .


Tada seekh is ready.Enjoy with lime, mint chutney and onions PS: My plate has only 4 pieces as one was over as soon as it was out of the oven😋