Chicken fajita

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Chicken fajita
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How to make Chicken fajita


For the fajita seasoning... Mix all the spices, salt n pepper to make the fajita seasoning. You can get a readymade one from the store too but they have unwanted fillers n sugar which we don't need... soooo... let's make ours at home we need seven spices... mentioned in the ingredients...


Clean n wash the chicken breasts. Cut them into thin strips. Generously sprinkle the fajita season over the chicken strips and rub with your hand.


Take about 5gms of ghee or any other fat in a pan and saute the chicken strips. Cook till tender. Remove and keep aside.


In the same pan add the capsicum and onion cut into strips. saute on medium or high heat till tender but not mushy... tastes better slightly crunchy.


Add the cream cheese n mix well....


To serve u can either serve the cream cheese and veges with the chicken strips separately or just mix everything up together n njoy.


The cream cheese can be avoided if you wanna serve it with tortilla... Here u can add guacamole or avocado, salsa n a dollop of sour cream too. will post this recipe too soon 😅


Another variations is chicken fajita salad where again u can avoid the cream cheese. Add leafy greens, beans, corn and avocado to the sauteed chicken n veges to make a delicious salad🥗