Cheesy Soya- Paneer cutlets

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Cheesy Soya- Paneer cutlets
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  • Cook Time : 00:20
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How to make Cheesy Soya- Paneer cutlets


1) Boil soya chunks , remove water by squeezing them. Grind soya chunks along with paneer. 2) In a bowl , mix soya chunks, paneer , onion, coriander leaves, amul cheese slice (cut in tiny pieces) , salt , chilli powder and rice flour, 3) Make small round and flat cutlets. 4) Heat 10 gm oil in a non stick pan 5) Put the cutlets in the pan . 6) Fry them for 6 mins in medium flame. Flip side.Again fry them for 3 mins. 7) Serve hot with pudina chutney.