chatpata moong dal bhajiya

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chatpata moong dal bhajiya
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  • Food Type : Vegan
  • Cook Time : 00:10
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make chatpata moong dal bhajiya


Soak moong dal for 4hours. Drain and grind in mixer with green chillies till smooth batter is made. crush dry coriander seeds and black pepper in mortar and add in dal. now whisk the batter for 5minutes till this gets fluffy. Whisking leads to soft bhajiya. add all other ingredients. keep aside for 10 minutes. Bhajiya can be made by this batter in air fryer; appe pan; shallow or deep fry as you wish. 1spoon rice flour can be added for more crunchiness. Fry the bhajiya on medium flame till golden brown color is see. Do not fry on high flame as outer cover will get brown but inside will not cook. Enjoy this protein rich delicacy with dhaniya chutney.