Caramelized Oats-Eggs Pudding

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Caramelized Oats-Eggs Pudding
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How to make Caramelized Oats-Eggs Pudding


Whisk the eggs along with vanilla syrup and sweetner and keep it aside.


Grind the oats in the mixer and bring it in a powder form.


Shift in oats flour little by little and continuously whisk it. Add milk and whisk all the ingredients nicely. Add 4 gms of almond slits and mix all well.


In a round aluminium box, pour in 20gm sugar and heat it on low flame. Sugar will start to caramelize. Spread it nicely by encircling the box with the help of tongs. Keep on the flame until you get caramel colour and let cool down till room temperature.


Now, pour in the above mentioned liquid mixture and cover the box with its lid.


Take a large skillet and fill it with 4 cups of water or till half of its depth. Place the box inside it and cover the lid of the skillet. Steam it for about 10 minutes on medium flame. Cook it until it's in semi solid form.


Uncover the box and let it cool down till room temperature and then refrigerate it for about an hour. Top it with remaining 6gm almond slits. Binge on!


Note : you may avoid oats, but in that case you need to steam more like for another 5 minutes.