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Bread pizza with grilled potato fries

Bread pizza with grilled potato fries

Cook Duration 00:45
Food TypeVeg
Recipe Calories 450kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listBread 30 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listPaneer 50 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listBrocolli 10 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listOnion 30 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listTomato 30 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listGreen Chilli 5 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listYoghurt 50 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listCumin cheese slice 32 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listpotato 100 gm
  • Recipe Ingredients listolive oil 4 gm



Preparation of paneer masala: 1. Saute onion, green chilli. Once cooked add Tomato, salt, kitchen king masala to it and cover for 5 minutes. 2. Add paneer and cover for another 15 minutes.


Potato Fries: Meanwhile peel Potato and put it in oven for 25 minutes. I did not use oil/ghee for this. But if your macros allow, use the oil brush to cover the potato with oil and sprinkle with salt before putting in Oven.


Pizza: 1. Take a bread and put a cheese slice on top of it. 2. Put it on non stick pan. Cover with a lid so that the heat melts the cheese. 3. Once cheese melts, spread the gravy of paneer masala evenly on the bread cheese. 4. Put the pieces of paneer and brocolli


Dip: Mix oregano seasonings and chilli flakes in yoghurt
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