Bread Anda Poha

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Bread Anda Poha
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  • Food Type : Nonveg
  • Cook Time : 00:12
  • Cuisine : Indian
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How to make Bread Anda Poha


Place a wok in medium flame and let it heat. Put 15 gms butter to your wok. Once it heated put half teaspoon mustard seeds and let it crackle.Now add chopped onions and green chilly.Fry them together and let it change its colour to brown. You need to add tomatoes now and cook the mixture for 2 mins by covering can now add green peas and cook together.Whisk the four whole eggs and add to mixture and let it cook .


As the eggs are cooking on the medium flame start preparing your bread mixture on the side.Take 100 gms of bread and blend it in a blender to very small fine powdery consistency. If you don’t prefer fine consistency you can just cut the bread in small pieces.


Add all dry spices to your egg mixture according to your taste .After cooking the spices for 1 min with the eggs add the bread mixture and sauté them together for 2 mins.Add soya sauce once they mixed well for some extra flavour and colour.


Your bread Anda Poha is ready to can garnish with coriander.I had a cheese cube in my diet so used it for garnishing, you can skip it. Instead of eggs paneer can be used to modify the reciepe.Enjoy !!