Boneless chicken Biryani 😁❤️

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Boneless chicken Biryani 😁❤️
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  • Food Type : Non-Veg
  • Cook Time : 00:40
  • Cuisine : Turkish
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How to make Boneless chicken Biryani 😁❤️


Take 1 pan pour some oil or ghee put some onion and saute them till it changes color Then add ginger garlic add chicken cool on medium heat for 5-7 min then add tomato and stir it and cook till tomatoes become soft and then add curd . cook it for 15-20 min on low heat and cover with lid . Take another cooker . pour some water for your pre soaked rice and add cardamom , hing , illaichi and some salt for taste. cook your rice till it's 80-90% cook . Dont over cooK rice. Now take another pan . Pour half of the cooked rice , then add chicken and then again add half of the cooked rice . close the lid and cook for 7 mins more . Serve it hot and use mint leafs for dressing



Clayton Dcosta

when is the biryani masala added 🤔


Ashish Bartwal

How many grams of ghee/oil in one table spoon?