Basic Lunch Box

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Basic Lunch Box
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  • Food Type : Vegan
  • Cook Time : 60:00
  • Cuisine : Other
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How to make Basic Lunch Box


1) Cut butternut squash into wedges + Take a pan add 1 TSP of coconut oil + add squash and let it sizzle + add half a cup of water and close with a lid + let it cook for 6-7 mind and flip when brown + sprinkle pepper after done. 2) Cook Dalia in water + Cook sprouts and corn (can also have it raw, I don't prefer it raw hence cooked) + take a kadai add 1 TSP of oil and add capsicum and mushroom and let it cook for 5-6 mins + take it off heat and mix all the ingredients + add salt as needed+ 1/2 TSP red chilli powder +1/2 TSP garam masala powder + 1/2 TSP lemon juice. 3) Cook Rajma in the pressure cooker for 6-7 whistles + let it cool down and then grind it in a food processor and feel free to add one green chilli and upto half a cup (tea glass) of water to the grinding process + transfer to a bowl and add 1 TSP of ginger garlic paste + red chilli powder 1 TSP + 1 TSP of garam masala powder + 2 to 3 spoons of rava + 1 TSP of rice flour (optional) and mix into a dough + make balls of the mixture and give it a cutlet shape. Take a pan add 1 TSP of coconut oil and cook the patties on the pan and flip when it turns golden brown.