gajar ka halwa

Posted by : Abhishek Verma

gajar ka halwa
  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 15:00
  • Cuisine : Indian
  • Calories
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbs

How to make & gajar ka halwa


Now you can make carrot halwa without spending hours grating carrot. You can simply pressure cook them. Recipe credit- bharatzkitchen. 1. 700 gms carrot. Take thin and red carrot.Trim edges and peel them. Dice each carrot in 4-5 pieces. Slice thick ones in half. Chop off wood since its not sweet. 2. Grind 5-6 cardamom seeds into powder. Use only seeds. 3. Heat cooker. Add 1 tbspn ghee. Once ghee melts and 10 strands kesar. Add elaichi powder too. 4. Add chopped carrot and tiniest pinch salt. Coat ghee well on carrot. Close the lid. Let it steam for 1 whistle at low flame. Open when depressurizes naturally. 5. On high flame add 700 ml cow milk. Need to evaporate all milk. Keep simmering on medium flame. Use a crusher and keep pressing in between. Stir till all milk evaporates. 6. Heat up 2 tbspn ghee. Add 20 gms chopped almonds. Pour over carrot. 7. Let all milk evaporate. Add sugar free powder 10- 15 gms. Keep stirring. When sugar melts automatically ghee will start seperating. Its done! Ingrdients: 700 gms carrot 35 gms ghee 20 gms almonds 700 gms amul cow milk C P F 86 32 72 Calories- 1024