Banana flower with prawns (Mochar ghonto)

Banana flower with prawns (Mochar ghonto)

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Dolan acharya
Dolan acharya

Well I love to cook and banana flower is my favorite. Takes time and patience to peel the red giant and i royally outsource this part!( Comeon gotta be smart in kitchen). Take out each flower one by one, take out the hard stigma from each and chop takes an hour. I have taken a video but it looks too unprofessional and I gotta give some edits and touches before it is shareable. Til then please check this.


  • listcheck1 Banana flower.
  • listcheckhalf a potato peeled and chopped in square pieces
  • listcheckcoconut chopped 10 gm (optional)
  • listcheckmustard oil 10 gm
  • listcheckbay leaf 1
  • listcheckcumin seeds 1teaspoon
  • listcheckcumin powder 1 teaspoon
  • listchecksalt, turmeric as per taste
  • listcheckred chilli powder 1 teaspoon
  • listcheckGreen chillies 2 slitted
  • listcheckgaram masala half spoon
  • listcheckOnion 1 chopped
  • listcheckTomato 1 chopped or pureed
  • listcheckGinger 1 inch paste
  • Method

  • Step-1
    1. Take out the white color banana flower one by one and remove the hard stigma.
  • Step-2
    2. Chop the above in small pieces and boil for 5 min in salt and turmeric
  • Step-3
    3 Sieve out the water and fry it in 5 gm mustard oil in a Kadai
  • Step-4
    4. In another pan heat the remaining mustard oil and fry the potatoes and coconut pieces with a little turmeric and take out in a tissue paper.
  • Step-5
    5. In the same heated oil add prawns and lightly fry and take out in a tissue paper.
  • Step-6
    6. In the same oil add cumin seeds, bay leaf and onion. Fry for 2 min and add ginger paste.
  • Step-7
    7. Let the onion turn pinkish brown. Add the tomato and keep cooking with cumin powder, red chilli powder, turmeric, salt till the raw smell is gone.
  • Step-8
    8. Add the potato, coconut and prawns which you kept aside.
  • Step-9
    9. Mix the above and cook.
  • Step-10
    10. Add the banana flower which you kept aside in step 3 and cook well for 10 to 15 mins.
  • Step-11
    11. Add garam masala.
  • Step-12
    12. You may top it with ghee to it if it fits your macros. Serve with rice!!
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