Creamy white sauce pasta

Creamy white sauce pasta

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Dolan acharya
Dolan acharya

God s own sweet little way to test me. When i Cook but can't have a single bite. I guess I should refrain from cooking such stuffs but not when there was a special request for white pasta along with garlic bread. This is an all time kids favorite. Sunday, Diwali and a no maid day made it a deadly beautiful combination when I found myself cooking all day and did not even dare eat a single bite as I was already done with my own carb macros. Trust me I ensured I pour all my love in this along with generous serving of butter too. Adding chicken is totally optional which I did for a change!


  • listcheckDurum wheat pasta 50 gm
  • listcheckChicken 50 gm
  • listcheckBrocolli, beans 20 gm
  • listcheckgarlic chopped 1 pod
  • listcheckflour (maida) 1 tbsp
  • listcheckChilled Milk 200 ml
  • listcheckbutter 20 gm
  • listcheckOnion half chopped in moon shape
  • listcheckWhite or black pepper 1 teaspoon
  • listcheckNutmeg powder 1 pinch
  • listcheckSalt
  • Method

  • Step-1
    1. The above ingredients are for one person
  • Step-2
    2. Heat butter in a Kadai and add chopped garlic. Flame is low. Let the butter smell of garlic while it soaks well in the butter.
  • Step-3
    3. Now add the 1 tbsp of maida and constantly stir it in low flame till you get the smell of cooked flour and it turns brownish.
  • Step-4
    4. Now still keeping the flame low add chilled milk and keep on stirring with another hand till the time the sauce thickens. This might take approx 20 mins of stirring.
  • Step-5
    5. Add pepper, salt, nutmeg powder to the sauce while it thickens well in lowest flame
  • Step-6
    6. In another container boil water and add the pasta with salt ( just to raise the boiling point). I also added the minced chicken here. Let it cook. You might add a spoon of olive oil here.
  • Step-7
    7. Once it is moderately cooked (not too soft), you might saute it in the remaining butter along with onion, broccoli and other veggies and add to the thick white sauce.
  • Step-8
    8. This turns out best if made with love and to add to that you might add grated cheese... Love and cheesecake. Serve hot.
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