Spinach, Paneer with Bread

Posted by : Mittal Modh

Spinach, Paneer with Bread
  • Food Type : Veg
  • Cook Time : 00:15
  • Cuisine : Other
  • Calories
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbs

How to make & Spinach, Paneer with Bread


1. Add finely chopped Garlic to pan wait till it turns golden brown then add Spinach, Salt to taste and mix it well. Cover it with lid with 3-5 mins. Garlic Spinach is ready. 2. In the same Pan add finely chopped Onion, Curry leaves and salt to taste, wait till it turns golden brown then add mutter/green peas and mix it well for 2-3 mins. Now add grated Paneer in the Pan and saute it till 4-5 mins. Dry version of Mutter Paneer is ready, Enjoy it with Bread.