Paneer poha

Paneer poha

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Maninder Kaur
Maninder Kaur

What do you do when you have carbs remaining in your macros by dinner but no time to cook after reaching home late fighting delhi traffic. Poha is my favorite way for those days. Cooks up in a jiffy and you can mix and match any veggies with it. I add a bit of cabbage if I have to finish more veggies. Some people like to add tomatoes.I personally do not like it. If using tomatoes please skip the lemon juice otherwise it will get really sour. Tip: To take poha to another level, add Oregano/Pizza seasoning :-P I sometimes use the one from Keya when i feel a little experi'mental' and it tastes yum. If you feel adventurous, you can also try other masalas, maybe maggi masala. I don't like maggi so i haven't given it a shot. If you do try, let me know how that goes in the comments.


  • listcheckPoha 40g
  • listcheckGhee or olive oil 5g
  • listcheckCapsicum 50g - chopped
  • listcheckPaneer 25g
  • listcheckOnion 1/2 - chopped
  • listcheckGreen chilly 1/2 (optional)
  • listcheckTurmeric
  • listcheckCurry leaves (about 10)
  • listcheckSalt as per taste
  • listcheckLemon juice 1/4
  • Method

  • Step-1
    WashPoha in a strainer under running water. Let it drain until you prep and chop the veggies
  • Step-2
    Heat ghee/oil in pan. Add mustard seeds (small ones give better taste - not rai). Let them pop. Keep flame medium
  • Step-3
    As soon as the seeds start popping, lower the heat, add curry leaves and green chilli, followed by Onions and capsicum. Add paneer at the end. Add salt enough for the veggies, this will help them cook faster season the dish evenly. Turn flame to medium
  • Step-4
    Once veggies are cooked as per your satisfaction, add turmeric and cook for a min (you can add turmeric before adding veggies also. I like to cook it thos way so it doesn't burn at the bottom of the pan) (If the pan is getting brown at the bottom add about a tbsp of water to wash it down the pan, but evaporate most of the water before the next step.)
  • Step-5
    Turn flame to low, Fluff poha very gently with fingers or fork to remove the lumps and add to the pan. Do not stir yet. Add salt evenly over the poha, quantity should be sufficient for the poha only, since we already added salt to the veggies earlier). Stir gently for a couple of times. Do not over stir as it will just mash the poha. Even if the turmeric does not look evenly spread at this stage don't worry.
  • Step-6
    On low flame cover the pan with a lid and let it rest for 1-2 mins. Turn the flame off.
  • Step-7
    Open the lid, add juice of about 1/4 lemon or as per your taste and macros. Cover and let it rest for 2 mins or so.
  • Step-8
    Stir the poha and serve :-)
  • Step-9
    It looks complicated in instructions but its actually super easy. It took me longer to write this recipe than to make and gulp it down.
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