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10 Mins Chicken Spinach  Rice

10 Mins Chicken Spinach Rice

Cook Duration 00:10
Food TypeNon-veg
Recipe Calories 667kcal


  • Recipe Ingredients listChicken breast boneless 200 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listRice 50 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listSpinach 100 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listGhee 15 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listOnion 75 gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listTomato 100gms
  • Recipe Ingredients listBiryani masala 2tsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listGarlic salt and mix grill powder 1 tsp
  • Recipe Ingredients listSalt according to taste



Step 1: place your flat frypan on flame with 5 gms ghee , let it heat after heating put your chicken in it cut in to small piece so that they cook faster. Add garlic salt and mix grill dry spices to flavour them. As when you see chicken cooked switch the flame off. There will be water also in the pan keep it intact.


Step 2 : simultaneously on the second burner place a pressure pan or pressure cooker and put 10 ml ghee. As the ghee melts put your finely chopped onion and let them cook till brown,Next step is to add tomatoes and spinach, cook them well too and add chicken which was cooked earlier along with water it left while cooking. Add biryani masala to it and cook for 2 mins. You can add 50 gms of your washed rice and just 100 ml water. Let the mixture cook in pressure cooker and wait till 2 whistlesin medium flame.Switch off the burner and open the cooker when all pressure is released. Your spinach chicken rice is ready to serve. You can add boiled eggs and cucumber raita to the side.Enjoy😊
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