Neha Sood Sharma


Neha Sood Sharma

"I strongly believe that a fit, healthy body is beyond any wealth and should be a priority in everyone's life. I also believe everyone has his or her own fitness journey that differs from others in time, effort and results. With right guidance, motivation and consultation, a person can achieve any goal he sets for himself.  I was once a beginner too but over the past couple of years I have watched myself progress into an athlete. My fitness journey started as a need to be more productive and happy in my full-time job as a mom in her 30s and a homemaker. It has since taken me places I didn't plan for! Now I am here to help you and to assure you that IT IS POSSIBLE. 
Tell me where you want your fitness journey to take you and I shall make it happen.
Let's do this together !"



General well being

Strength and conditioning


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