Akshay kusmade


Akshay kusmade

Hi, I am Akshay Kusmade. I am listing my 13 certifications here which I hold in Nutrition and Fitness. Please use this link to see the list : https://goo.gl/7XXMxe. My pursuit of gaining knowledge has also led me to join Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS) where I continuously interact with faculties, it’s a place where I get to learn something every single day.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I started weight lifting somewhere around 6 years back and I have been training clients online since last 2 years. As I kept gaining experience, I and my services have improved time to time, and now they will help me serve you with a better and tested program structure. My goal is not just to provide you with accurate personalised plan but it is also to educate you afterwards to take care of your maintenance. That is a promise. Note, that this will need lot of involvement from your side.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I personally believe ‘’Motivation’’ and ‘’Accountability’’ are the 2 most important factors in one’s transformation. I am here to provide that motivation to help you stay on track. I am here as your accountability partner to keep you accountable to be that watchful eye and the source of guidance that you come to, for effective fitness journey to really enhance the quality of your life. Though, all this is possible only when you will put your complete trust in me
and obey me 100%.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My way of dealing with everything is pretty straight forward, if you come to me you will get a genuine professional training compared to anything else. I would prefer 100 questions rather than 1 mistake, that will be nature of my
services. If you like what I have put on the table, do join me! With our mutual efforts, this will be a great journey towards ‘new you’. Thanks for your time!


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