Viraj Divekar


Viraj Divekar

Hello, I am Viraj Divekar, Certified Nutrition and Fitness coach from Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Science - Expert Level, Certified fitness trainer from BFY institute of sports and fitness, and did my Personal Trainer Certification from American Council of Exercise. I have 4 years of professional experience in health and Fitness. I expertise in Fat-Loss, General well being, Lifestyle management, Diabetes management and  transformations. Coaching is my full time job and I have flexible working hours. While working on the diet and workout plans I try to keep them simple and easy to follow. 
Being a Fitness fanatic, I have transformed my clients not just physically, but also educated them in the process.To embrace fitness as a lifestyle it is very important for you to like it. I believe that transformations are not just physical but also psychological. Consistency, focus, discipline and patience are extremely important to achieve the "dream physique".  
So if you want to transform yourself for life, it is very important to start today and not on a "Monday". Enrol with me, and together as a team, we will work towards achieving your goals.  For further info call / WhatsApp me on 7507720154. Or email on
Thanks! Viraj.

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INFS Nutrition and Fitness Coach

INFS Nutrition and Fitness Coach

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