Priyanka Singh


Priyanka Singh

Hi, I am Priyanka Singh, An Expert level certified Fitness consultant from Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Science(INFS). I have been working in corporate as an IT Administrator from past 7.5 years and understand the work related stress and eating disorders related to that. For me fitness is a lifestyle and to have it assimilated in your day to day routine with an ease, it requires a sustainable approach. My aim is to help you stay focussed and enjoy the healthy changes which you have brought in during your transformation journey by applying the knowledge which I have. 

I specialise in Fat-Loss, Post Pregnancy weight loss, Muscle gain and General Well-Being; whichever is your goal, I am here to help you with the journey every step of the way. I strongly believe in the idea of “one day, one step at a time”. That’s how we build habits that will last forever, ensuring fitness as a part of your lifestyle.

A transformation is not just a physical phenomenon but also for the mindset.  As a coach, my job is not only to get you the transformation you seek but also I enjoy knowledge sharing so that clients can continue their fitness journey even post the program is completed.

Let’s start this journey together!


Strength and conditioning


INFS Foundation Certificate
INFS Expert Certificate

INFS Foundation Certificate INFS Expert Certificate

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