Pavan Jain


Pavan Jain

Hi there! My name is Pavan .I am certified in fitness and nutrition from the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS) and a NESTA certified Sports Injury Specialist. My core expertise lie in tailoring fitness programs for fat loss, muscle gain and health transformations.  I began my own fitness journey 10 years ago. I have trained over a 750 clients in the last 3 years, some of whom had conditions such as hypothyroidism, diabetes and osteoporosis. Fitness, to me, has been a source of confidence, and I believe that mental and physical health is the most important aspect of a person's well being. I train people to achieve their fitness goals by creating personalized nutrition and workout plans. I spent a considerable amount of my time in the last 5 years increasing my knowledge on the science behind fitness while integrating the same in my training regimes. My fitness and nutrition plans are straightforward and easy to inculcate in your daily life.

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