Shubham Das


Shubham Das

Hey there! Das here.
I am certified by Golds gym fitness institution, INFS fitness foundation and expert course. A fitness expert who has helped so many people to change their lifestyle. I specialise in coaching powerlifters and bodybuilders. I help people to find their true potential and help them to be the best version of themselves.
 Although, I look really fit and Aesthetic right now but that wasn’t the case always. Few years back I was considered as one of the weakest guys and I was bullied a lot. Going through all those embarrassments one day I decided to take a step and rest is just history. From being skinny fat and lazy to a strong and aesthetic self, the journey wasn’t easy at all but all I had to do was take the initial step. Taking that initial step and finding that athlete mindset is really important. To me fitness is a lifestyle and I always say that, “Let it be a part of your lifestyle rather than letting it taking over your life.”. As your coach I will help you to find a perfect balance in your lifestyle with a long term sustainability. My goal is to educate and motivate everyone and help them transform their lifestyle. 
Let me be your coach and lets get leaner, bigger and stronger with me.




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