Hi, I'm Karan Trivedi. I am certified INFS , BFY , TRX and HPT 5 in Personal Training and Nutrition.I have over 300 transformation and over 500 weight loss stories for every kind of person whether High BP or diabetic etc. I believe our body is the temple and we are the priest assigned by god to take care of it. It is the only place we have to live in. Our body is the only companion through the journey of this life. I believe in holistic approach to health and life. 
Mind body and soul should nourish and compliment the life within you. It is an ongoing process not a one time bet. Once you commit to this lifestyle there is no looking back. It gives you immense happiness and satisfaction.
So let's get this journey started and make you Fittr.

You can reach me at 9999349803 or drop me a mail at karan@fittr.com.

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