Bhavika bhatt


Bhavika bhatt

Hi there, I am Bhavika, your Fittr coach and fitness companion, to walk with you through your transformation journey. I have obtained expert level Fitness & Nutrition as well as Excercise Sience Speacialist (ESS) certification from INFS.

My fitness mantra is “ fitness is a journey and not a destination “. It is all about improving lifestyle through good habits which are permanent and sustainable for overall physical and mental well being. I understand the unique challenges and short comings faced by an individual to take up their fitness journey, be it a busy working mom, or a lactating mom, mother going through the roller coaster ride post partum , hectic work routines and busy lifestyle, frequent movements due to work ( being an army wife, I can totally relate) , staying in mess/hostel. I understand the past paced lifestyle and requirements and will assist you in achieving your fitness goals through tailor made nutrition and workout plans keeping in mind impeding constraints. 
My endeavour as a fitness coach will not only to help you achieve tangible fitness goals but to educate you about the approach towards fitness journey, so that you can sustain the results and convert it into the lifestyle

Let’s begin and walk through this journey together as a team, where I will be there to guide/ mentor/coach you through the thick and thin of the journey

Thank you for reading.


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