Prasoon Jain


Prasoon Jain

I am certified by the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Science (INFS).
I specialize in fat loss, lean muscle gain, strength training and general wellbeing.
Every Individual is different and has different constraints, so I have specialized myself in providing flexible fitness and nutrition plans that suits your lifestyle.
I have strong belief if the plan is sustainable that can be adapted as per your lifestyle then you can achieve your goal at ease.
Fitness to me is not just about the looks but also how you feel throughout the day while doing daily routine task.
I believe in continuous learning and I work towards enhancing the well-being of my clients by sharing knowledge with them and inspire them throughout the process.
I will make sure you will achieve all the changes you dreamed of just be patience and trust the process. 
To me fitness is not hobby it's a lifestyle which can be achieved with the right mindset, practical goal setting and being consistent.
If you are ready to give your 100 % I will put my 200 % to ensure you reach your goal.
Wise man ones said - Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and now is exactly the right moment to start.

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