Sudipta Dash


Sudipta Dash

Hello, I am Sudipta Dash, a Fitness coach.  Certified as Nutrition and Fitness Consultant from Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS). 

My methodology towards transformation is always to inculcate discipline, habit based coaching and educate my clients by providing a holistic view to make fitness as part of their lifestyle.

I specialize in:
•	Transformation
•	Fat loss
•	Muscle Gain
•	General Well-being
I always believe that One Size doesn’t fit all which helped me to customize, modify and amend the dieting techniques and the training plan based on the convenience of the Client which will make it workable and sustainable.

Not sure where to get started? How to make fitness as a part of your life? Lack of Discipline, Determination and motivation? Want to get out of Stress? 

Then let me be your guide, mentor and coach to help you in your transformation and make you lead a healthy life. 

Join me to be the Change and See the Change. Let’s begin the journey…


General well being

Strength and conditioning



Post pregnancy weight loss



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