Varun Sharma


Varun Sharma

Hey, I am Varun Sharma and I am an Expert in Nutrition and Training and Exercise Science Specialist, certified by INFS Academy. 

Being an ectomorph I can say that I have been on both sides of the coin, struggled with bro science initially and arrived at my destination with SQUATS (find picture in transformations). I have helped many others since then and so I get your struggle and I can help you find your way. 

I believe fitness means seeing a better and  healthier version of ourselves in the mirror every morning. Dieting should be fun and sustainable and should work in long run because fitness is a lifelong journey. That is why my goal with my clients is to educate them instead of giving rapid short term solutions and crash diets. 

So do you want to build that aesthetic body or do you just wish to get in those old jeans from college? Just take the first step, visualize yourself in that body and ENROLL! I'll help you reach there. So keep your eye on the prize and let's start


General well being

Strength and conditioning



Post pregnancy weight loss

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