Srikanth Kashuvajjala


Srikanth Kashuvajjala

Hello, I am Srikanth Kashuvajjala, I am certified by the Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Science and an avid
fitness enthusiast. I specialize in fitness and nutrition plans for fat loss, lean muscle gain, bodybuilding and
general well-being. Since childhood I have been into lot of sports that kept me in decent shape but as most of
us encounter new job, new responsibilities and poor nutritional/lifestyle choices had a toll on my mind and
body. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to realize just how far off course you were, and you can change
all that by making simple healthy lifestyle choices. When I transformed myself, I learned that with proper
exercise/nutritional knowledge, fitness techniques and commitment to making lifestyle adjustments we can
easily transform ourselves into a happy and healthy soul.
My job here is to equip you with immense knowledge, help you to make that lifestyle adjustment successfully
and help you develop into a healthier and happier you. It’s awesome that you have taken this first step to
become the best of you, reach out to me and I assure to lead you to find the best in you.



General well being

Strength and conditioning


Post pregnancy weight loss

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