Snehashis sorkhel


Snehashis sorkhel

My name is Snehashis Sorkhel. I am a regular IT employee working at Microsoft  with penchant for Fitness and Bodybuilding. I am a certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant as well as a Certified Exercise Science Specialist from INFS. I believe fitness and bodybuilding is the only sport that sets you up for failure which helps you to adapt and become stronger every passing day. Pushing yourself to failure while you workout not only would result in reaching some of your fitness goals it sets your pace for the rest of the day where you are no longer afraid to push yourself past the failure psychologically which is why the sport is so different. Fitness is the pillar on which I have set up my life to achieve my goals whether as an IT Employee , Fitness Evangelist or a coach. Fitness teaches you discipline and I am here to simplify fitness for you where we will use science to achieve your fitness goals and your dream to get that six pack abs or that beach body which you always craved for. I can be your friend , philosopher and a  guiding force  however that change can only begin when you are ready to give yourself the opportunity. If you think you are ready it's time to get started.

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