Sheikh Najid Siddiquee


Sheikh Najid Siddiquee

Hi, I am Sheikh Najid Siddiquee, an Expert Level Certified Nutrition and Training Consultant (INFS). I have 4 years of experience in practicing Calisthenics, Nutrition and Weight Training. 

Are you looking for someone who can guide you to get fit?

Well, you have come to the right place. Now your next step would be committing to your fitness goals. Be dedicated and you will see what seems impossible to you today will one day become your warm-up. This seems like a tough journey, isn't it? 

Well yes, it is. This is why I'm here. Here to make this path easier for you by guiding you in a smartest way possible by providing you customised diet charts and a personalised workout routine. Hit the enrol button and let me be a part of your fitness journey and I will make sure you get back up whenever you feel like giving up. Now, get ready to hustle!



General well being

Strength and conditioning



Post pregnancy weight loss

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