Sanne Leenman


Sanne Leenman

Online physique coach, international public speaker, international model, WBFF fitness competitor and entrepreneur, I'm Sanne Leenman.  

I started out as a chubby, unhealthy teenager that wanted to transform. Little did I know at that time that fitness would turn my life upside down in so many, incredible ways.

From being a full-time recruitment consultant, I developed myself to a NASM certified, international online physique coach. My job entails a lot of travel to spread the fitness love all over the globe and I love every part of it.

The best part about my job...that's where you come in.

Concrete results, the personal contact, the mental encouragement and each and every individual success story fuel my drive and make me want to strive for better. I would love to share my knowledge, expertise and passion with you, because a journey together is a lot more fun.  

Now its your turn to set that first step, to find that inner drive, to develop and to really transform yourself.

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