Manoranjan mishra


Manoranjan mishra

Hello.. !!! I am Manoranjan Mishra, your SQUATS consultant. I am a certified Active IQ, Level-3 Personal Trainer (REPS), also I am an  INFS certified Expert Consultant.. I have more than 13 years of experience in bodybuilding, body transformation, weight management, overall fitness training, Nutrition and Fat-Loss. In my entire career, in nutrition and fitness industry, I have helped more than 100 people to transform and lead a healthy lifestyle. For me being fit is not a destination, it's a never-ending journey where one needs to evolve every day. Here you are only competing with yourself. With each passing day you ll be a better version of You. I believe, in this fast paced, corporate driven world, we need to find some time for our own health and fitness. Only a fit person can help his family, friends and society, when required. If you are concerned about yourself and your family, then you need to be fit in every form. So here, I am ready to help you as your friend, philosopher and g

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INFS - Expert Course
Active IQ level 3 Personal Trainer ( UK )

INFS - Expert Course Active IQ level 3 Personal Trainer ( UK )

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