Geetika Dhuper


Geetika Dhuper

"I am Geetika Dhuper a fitness enthusiast and a state level cricketer during my collage days. I am certified fitness and nutrition consultant from INFS. I have helped many friends of mine who are working long hours, tired nights and early mornings towards a happy, energetic and healthier lifestyle. I have transformed my postpartum weight gain from 85kgs to 63kgs with lots of confidence and strength improvement and I have been maintaining this more than a year now. Fitness for me is not just a short term goal rather it’s a lifestyle which has a potential to make incredible changes in your life. I focus on giving my clients customised nutrition and workout plan which they can adhere and adapt for long term sustainability.

If you want to transform yourself to your better self , let’s work together  and start your fitness journey."


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