Dara Singh Handa


Dara Singh Handa

Hi! I'm Dara Singh Handa. I am a Fitness and Nutrition Consultant certified by the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Science (INFS).
I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 10 years now and have helped many individuals in their fitness journey.
I specialize in fatloss, general well-being and transformation.
 I fell in love with weight training at the age of 10 when my cousin took me to a gym for the first time. As I grew up, I started learning the science behind fitness and  helping my family members to get fit.
 To me, fitness is empowering and not restricting someone. Thus I help people in building up plans which make them feel stronger and healthier while keeping them flexible as per their schedule.
 I believe in building a lifestyle rather than finding quick fixes.
 Join me in my journey towards a fitter tomorrow and I assure you that this will be an educating and exploring experience for you. 


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